Driver Outsourcing

  • Corporate Clients - DriveMe will outsource to organizations requiring our services for their pool cars or even executive drivers. It is important for organizations to focus on their core business and leave the lower cadre staff recruitment to us.
  • Individual Clients – A larger percentage of our clients will be individuals requiring personal drivers for their daily logistics needs. Our pools of drivers are capable to fit the job role.
  • Commercial – With the recent upsurge of commercial drivers for taxi/cab services, DriveMe will tap into the market to recruit and manage the drivers for cab service providers.

This service will appeal to both corporate and individual clients as we will be taking the burden of sourcing, interviewing, reference checking and management of drivers off them. A special feature of this service includes replacement of outsourced drivers within 3 working days after a request for replacement is made. DriveMe regularly updates the pool of professional and experienced driver by conducting daily interviews for applying candidates; we also ensure references are adequately checked to guarantee security. Our driver outsourcing service is designed to meet the requirements of

Driver Behavioural Training

DriveMe believes that drivers should be highly valued as they play a major role in the logistics value chain. We also understand that many people have had bad experiences with drivers; this is the reason why we are determined to ensure that all our outsourced drivers are adequately trained on issues relating to communication, personal hygiene, etiquette, professionalism and other behaviour related topics.

Vehicle License and Registration processing

Yearly, every vehicle requires the renewal of license and registration and other road worthiness documents with the state licensing office. We realize many people will rather have the papers delivered to their doorstep, so, we have created a relationship with agents at the licensing office to assist in fast tracking this process and then we can deliver directly to our clients through delivery services or with our own dispatcher.


We offer luxury car rental service. Our clients can rent high end vehicles for dignitaries’, wedding events, special engagements and other luxury vehicle needs. Our boat rental involves renting boats for trips to beach houses and boat cruises.

Vehicle Insurance

DriveMe ensures our clients vehicles are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. We will shop for the best rates with insurance companies and provide our clients with the best cover and rate at no added cost to the client.

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