“Object in mirror are closer than they appear”

“Object in mirror are closer than they appear”. This phrase is engraved on the side passenger mirror of most cars. It is quite self-explanatory, although some people may still not understand the reason for this phrase. It’s a safety warning, notifying drivers that they should not underestimate the closeness of whatever is seen through the side mirror.

The reason behind this optic illusion is because mirrors installed on the side of vehicles are of a different type called the “Convex” mirror. This type of mirror covers a much wider area and has a much smaller blind spot, but comes with the drawback of giving a ‘false distance”.

The tradeoff between safety and false distance is what auto manufacturers have to choose from. That’s the reason why the phase is clearly inscribed on the side mirror.  The point to note is, stay careful and vigilant when you drive.


This post was written by Damilola Odunlade-Akeju

Founder/CEO @ DriveMe



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