How to Identify a Professional Driver

In Nigeria the current chaos people experience during the cause of transportation, whether it’s for the daily commute or a special event can be managed with a professional driver behind the wheel. 

There are different kinds of drivers. We have unlicensed drivers, the careless drivers and finally the professional drivers. Now how do you distinguish the true professionals from the rest?  

Let’s uncover the traits that set a professional driver apart. 

1. Punctuality: A professional driver knows the value of time and they respect it. They arrive promptly, if not a tad early, ensuring you’re never left waiting. Time management is their forte, and it reflects their commitment to providing a seamless experience. If there’s any reason for them to be behind schedule, they always reach out. 

2. Clean and well-managed vehicle: A professional driver takes his vehicle as his office, and he treats it with the utmost care. A professional driver maintains a clean and well-presented vehicle, both inside and out. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s a mark of their dedication to providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride. 

3. Calm amid Challenges: A professional driver does not display panic. During traffic jams, unexpected detours, or challenging weather conditions – a professional driver stays calm and creates an ambience of safety. His experience equips him to navigate through challenges smoothly, ensuring your journey remains stress-free. 

4. Knows and understands the best route: Professional drivers are intimately acquainted with the local roads. They don’t rely solely on GPS; instead, they possess an innate sense of direction, taking the most efficient routes to get you to your destination swiftly. 

5. Sound Communication Skills: Clear communication is a hallmark of professionalism. A top-notch driver communicates effectively, whether it’s confirming the pickup location, discussing the route, or providing updates on the journey. You’re never left in the dark. 

6. Respectful, Well-behaved and Courteous: Professionalism extends beyond driving skills. A professional driver treats passengers with respect, maintaining a courteous and friendly demeanour. They understand the importance of creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere for every passenger. 

7. Adaptable and Resourceful: Plans can change, and a professional driver adapts effortlessly. Whether it is a sudden change in schedule or a detour due to road closures, they are resourceful and find solutions without compromising your experience. 

8. Well-Dressed: Appearance matters. A professional driver neatly presents themselves. Their attire is appropriate, reflecting a commitment to the job and a sense of pride in their role. 

Identifying a professional driver goes beyond simply observing their driving skills. It encompasses a combination of punctuality, communication, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to providing a top-tier experience. The next time you step into a vehicle with a professional driver, take note of these traits, and you will be sure to recognize the mark of true professionalism on the roads.  

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